January 29th, 2015

Systems are created by human beings using technology. These are the systems that do most work in the organizations. You probably depend on this system to increase your sales and your clients. While you can completely trust these systems to be always running, there are times they could disappoint.

When your systems are down, business for you stops. Within these few seconds, you lose millions of dollars to your competitors. It’s worse if you do not have any talented personnel to get your system back online and usable by your customers.  However, such frustrations may be easily avoided by having an IT team ready.

Identifying what is wrong with your system for IT solution provider takes seconds.  Since they have studied and understood you systems, it will be fast to get back the system up and running. These reduce downtime which means you are not losing any business and most significant trust of your clients.

Be assured that your systems will not experience any delays. With a professional team on board, you will stay ahead of your competitors. Additionally, you will experience less of disruptions which mean your employees will be at their best.

January 29th, 2015

Data can be accessed anywhere at any time from smart phones to tablets, social media platforms and appliances. When working, it’s very easy to access data from your laptop, be it a marketing strategy or customer information. While we can sit comfortable and get excited about everything, managing big data is very risky.

Big data is sensitive, it could comprise of your clients information, strategies to improve sales among other things you intend to do to outshine your competitors. Such big data is a threat to your business and that is why you should consider services of IT companies.

One of the values you get from IT solution providers is data protection. Imagine collecting and storing client’s information without applying any security measures. Such data is very easy to get hands and if it happens your business is also affected. The only solution to securing big data is getting the right personnel to protect it. By this, we mean trusted IT service providers.

IT personnel will provide you with the most effective security measures to take in order to safeguard your data. With the current technology do not give a chance to hackers who day by day improve in their skills.


January 28th, 2015
Put Bay Area Computer maintenance first

Put Bay Area Computer maintenance first

Storing data in the cloud means securing your data for use currently and in future. The cloud is one backup destination that is extremely safe for both small and large organizations. However, there are organizations that continue to depend on traditional ways of storing data. What next if computers are damaged by fire or your hard drive crashes or is stolen?

It’s so frustrating especially if your entire business depends on such valuable information. To avoid such risks in future, consider using an IT service provider. He or she will give you the best option to keep your data safe by storing it on the cloud.

Here are 3 risks you will avoid:

Single Data Storage

Storing your data in one location is very risky. What if your hard drive crashes or is stolen? IT service providers recommend storage of data in the cloud. This way, you and your clients do not have to worry about sensitive data being leaked or manipulated by third parties. Another thing with cloud is that it will never fail you.

Future Obstacles

One can never be sure with traditional methods used to store data. For instance a hard drive can possibly damage without your knowledge. The folder you have stored your clients information on your desktop may not open. Such tools are prone to virus which could corrupt your data.

For better storage of your client’s data, hire IT service providers and see how your business will succeed.

January 28th, 2015

Victoria Verne Harnish Jan 2015Article by Victoria Myers

As we roar into 2015, you may be asking the same questions as we are around the Team Myers office.

As small business owners we are all searching for better ways to grow our business. If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you’ve spent way too much time and treasure learning the hard way how to become a true leader in your organization, to build and encourage an effective team, create procedures so issues don’t boomerang back onto your desk, understand your industry’s best practices and success metrics, all to grow a successful, sustainable business. For those reasons and more, Brad and I are firm believers in business development seminars and industry-specific business coaches and peer groups to spur us on to greater levels of success.

mastering rockerfeller habitsI recently attended a 2-day Verne Harnish seminar sponsored by Technology Marketing Toolkit. Verne’s best-selling book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Growing Firm is considered by many to be among the top 10 business books of all time on business strategy, leadership, company culture, building effective teams and more. Verne is one of the most widely respected business growth experts in the world.

And the 2-day small group seminar with Verne didn’t disappoint. Frankly, after the seminar’s first three hours, I had more specific, actionable strategies that we could implement immediately to grow Team Myers for 2015! But stay I did for the remaining day and a half of business advice the will guide us in our ever-changing world IT services for small businesses.

So to our customers and friends. . . .  Check out and attend at least two of your industry’s upcoming business seminars and/or coaching opportunities. Let me leave you with three reasons to attend a couple of business seminars in 2015.

  1. It’s a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on in your marketplace. Business growth strategies change; what worked in the past may not be relevant any more. How to target and engage potential prospects for your product may be changing; more and more potentials buyers are first searching on the Internet, checking out company reviews and engaging through social media. Business seminars among your peers helps you get ahead of what’s driving new business in your industry.
  2. Get an opportunity to look at your business with a fresh set of eyes. So often we’re down in the trenches dealing with customers, staff, production issues, etc. that we don’t stand up and take a thoughtful 50,000-foot view of our business. Business seminar speakers often cover timely topics, interesting “down-in-the-trenches” stories and lively discussions. And most importantly time for interaction with other participants and industry vendors. Brad finds his time networking with other IT companies and their service departments, invaluable.
  3. It helps to motivate you to get on the right track with your business. 2 or 3 ideas can make the cost of the business seminar worth the time and treasure invested in the seminar.

scalingup-bookSo attend a few business development seminars this year. It may be the difference between growing and stagnating in the coming year.   And we highly recommend Verne’s two books, Mastering the Rockerfeller Habits and Scaling Up, available at your local bookstore, Amazon and other online resources. And send me an email  . . . I’d love to hear about YOUR favorite business book(s).

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January 28th, 2015

Bay Area Cloud computing servicesRunning a business is not a hassle, striving to maintain it is. Apart from managing your employees, there are little but significant things entrepreneurs must pay attention to. However, most of them are overlooked and that is why a business will fail and it does so without your knowledge. It begins with your client’s data and business strategies being hacked. Before you realize, your competitors have hijacked all your clients.

But you could prevent this by hiring IT solution providers. Here are 3 things IT service providers do to enhance data security.

  1. Audit and Evaluation

An IT service provider poses skills that you as an employer or employee do not have. They are good at evaluating security measures, what could possibly happen if they are compromised and what to do about it. IT service providers audit an entire system security and give possible solutions.

  1. Log-In Authentication

Authentication helps to minimize data theft among other things that could possibly happen to your data. It solution providers generate unique usernames and passwords for employees to be able to access the systems. This minimizes risks of intruders getting their hands on your most valuable data.


January 28th, 2015
Managed IT services for Bay Area manufacturers.

Managed IT services for Bay Area manufacturers.

Due to increased cyber attacks, scandals on the internet and hackers who like to snoop on any data that could be of use to them; data encryption is also stepping up. Organizations are keen on improving their data security by hiring excellent IT personnel. The need to encrypt data has come about since computers at the work place carry lots of confidential data.

It is recommended that you get excellent team of IT solution providers to improve data encryption and its security. Here are some of the benefits you get when you have your data backed up by IT service providers.

Strong Encryptions

IT service providers know how significant data security is to an organization. Since they have skills and highly experienced, they have the capacity to provide strongest data encryptions. They understand dynamics of encryptions and passwords that are strong and weak. They will provide the best encryption features to boost your data security.

Data Locks

With data locks it is very difficult to access data or any information. IT service providers are the only parties to the keys of unlocking the most confidential data of your organization. Having IT solution providers will not only result to data security, you will save on costs.


January 27th, 2015
Take advantage of managed IT services in Bay Area

Take advantage of managed IT services in Bay Area

Security is a sensitive factor for organizations. While technology advances, cyber attacks too also increase. Entrepreneurs have to always be on toes with matters relating to security and how to improve it.  However, not many organizations are cautious with security making it easy for malicious parties to find data, manipulate or leak data to competitors.

We understand how investing in IT security can be overwhelming that is why we provide a Best Practices Checklist for you.

  1. Look For Security Methods Trending

The best way to keep your IT security on check is by searching for the latest tools that enhance it. You may check on the news feed to see the kind of security methods that are trending and experiment with your IT service providers.

  1. How do you find your security program

How is security beefed up by your IT solution providers? Has it delivered positively or negatively in regards to data protection? Such are things to check for when you need to improve your IT security.

  1. Risk Assessment

Professional IT solution providers must assess risks and what could perhaps happen in future? Are the organizations systems prone to risks, damage and compromise? If yes, what will the IT solution providers do to prevent such risks from occurring?

If you are considering hiring IT service providers, keep a check on security.

January 27th, 2015
This is the only IT managed service company in the Bay Area you should hire.

This is the only IT managed service company in the Bay Area you should hire.

Looking for skilled, professional IT solutions provider is not challenging but determining what you need to know they are the right people for the job is. Despite being a small or a multinational company, there are things you have to pay attention to. Take note that a crazy move can cost you big time.

How you choose your IT service providers may affect your company positively or negatively. It’s not enough to gather information about IT service Provider Company but the team that is directly involved.

Here Are 2 Things to Aid You When Hiring IT Solution Providers

What methods do you use to evaluate the IT solution Providers?

Oral interviews are not enough to qualify an IT service provider. Go deep into the interview section by letting them take tests. For instance, IT solution providers may take a programming language test. This will help you to identify a talented IT solution provider and one who is not.

How do you evaluate the quality and accuracy of the answers after the test?

Do you have a professional team to evaluate the IT solutions provider you intend to hire? If yes, then evaluation becomes less of a task. Hiring an IT solutions provider is not a joke. However, if you get the right one then you are likely not to encounter problems in your organization.

January 27th, 2015
Put Bay Area Computer maintenance first

Put Bay Area Computer maintenance first

Purchasing a computer or a laptop is like buying convenience. You can work anytime and anywhere with a laptop. It’s easier to carry your laptop from the office to complete assignments at home. However, while computers can be so good, they too come with their own problems. Such problems are extremely annoying and it’s even worse if you have no knowledge in IT.

Because of such problems, it’s very significant to have your IT Service personnel handy. They have the ability to identify a problem and give it a solution out rightly.

2 Common Computer Problems IT Companies solve

  1. Slow Performance of Computer

Having a computer that is very slow can be very frustrating. But IT companies can end your frustrations in a click. Skilled IT personnel will begin by analyzing what is the cause of its slow performance. Some of the reasons might be due to lack of maintenance, corrupted registry entries, spyware and unused programs running in the background.

IT Personnel will automatically remove the unused programs and the spyware. Do not allow your employees to work with slow computers as it affects productivity. Simply hire an IT company.

  1. Loss of Data

You never know the significance of the data you have in your computer when you lose it. Imagine losing a whole file of your client’s records and sensitive information. How do you begin with the recovery process? You need skilled IT personnel to help you manage your data safely in the cloud and not lose it next time.

Computer problems might seem difficult to solve but with an IT personnel the task becomes simpler.

January 26th, 2015

Do you run a book keeping business in the Bay Area region? Do you know that your book keeping business can get a new lease of life with professionally managed IT services?

Book keeping is generally a tough industry that dwells a lot on automation of repetitive tasks; books of accounts, checking and double checking transactions, ensuring that accounts balance, etc.

As a professional book keeper in the Bay Area region, you know how demanding your job is and adding that to IT management issues, things can easily get out of hand.

That’s why Myers takes care of all your book keeping computing needs while you focus on signing new accounts in the larger Bay Area region.

But what is the catch?

With a dedicated managed IT firm like us, you don’t have to worry about your computers breaking down or someone stealing your privileged information across WIFI networks.  We maintain all that for you to the best standards at an honestly affordable rate compared to what a lot of Bay Area IT firms charge.

Protect and iterate your book keeping business by getting an award winning managed IT services company on your side.

But don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying about us then give us a call today.