July 7th, 2014

spreadsheetMicrosoft Excel is such a powerful tool. We all know it, but most of what we use the program for are simple calculations and data collections while we know there is so much more there. The problem for most of us is there are TOO MANY functions and tools to use, so we get lost, don’t know what we could or should use, and don’t even try.

To help you out, we’ve picked 3 of our favorites to share with you. Using any one of these functions is certain to improve your company and make you more productive.

1. Conditional Formatting. Did you know you can apply this simple tool to a collection of data and Excel will automatically format your data via color coding so it will “pop out” based on any criteria you choose? If you have any size data set that you need to analyze, this function greatly simplifies your job.

2. CountIF, SumIF and AverageIF. These rarely used functions are amazing when you apply them. If you have a spreadsheet full of data with common classifications or labels, you can easily count, sum or average each label using these 3 formulas. And the supercool part is that if you update any data, your functions will automatically update based on your changes. If you’ve never used any of these 3 IF functions, give them a whirl on your next spreadsheet.

3. Paste Special. We’re sure you may have used this function before, but you probably never realized the power it contains that we hardly use. Use the paste special function to convert your spreadsheet data from rows to columns (and vice versa), divide (or multiply) a whole series of numbers and more!

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July 7th, 2014

1. Miracle On 34th Street

What You’ll Learn: The greatest lesson in salesmanship that no one follows.

The Entrepreneur’s Lesson: Santa Claus, working at Macy’s, goes out of his way to help customers, often encouraging them to shop elsewhere for the best deals. Instead of losing customers, Macy’s becomes overwhelmed with customers seeking Santa’s help. Macy’s sales increase simply by doing what’s best for the customer; too bad they don’t do this in the real world - but you should.

2. Click

What You’ll Learn: What it’s like to fast-forward life.

The Entrepreneur’s Lesson: Adam Sandler wants to keep fast-forwarding to the major accomplishments of his career. He loses the balance between work and home, and misses the lessons hidden in life’s daily routine. Entrepreneurs are generally of the “I want it all now” breed, and this movie will show you how wrong that is. Take the good with the bad, and never stop pursuing your entrepreneurial AND family dreams.

3. Glengarry Glen Ross

What You’ll Learn: Lying, cheating and stealing never work long-term.

The Entrepreneur’s Lesson: Hard-close sales work…for a single sale. Ultimately your reputation is ruined, and deceived people lie in your wake. This movie is all about what not to do as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, too many businesses still follow these practices. Get in an industry with a “Glengarry” reputation and be honest, reliable, and go out of your way to be helpful. Your business will flourish.

4. Office Space

What You’ll Learn: If you don’t like what you are doing, change.

The Entrepreneur’s Lesson: Follow your gut. If you hate what you do, change. Just don’t steal – that never works. Instead, find your passion and pursue it. And if you already own a business you love, don’t mess with Melvin. He might just burn down your entire building.

5. Jerry Maguire

What You’ll Learn: What you expect when launching your business never comes true.

The Entrepreneur’s Lesson: Hands down, the best movie of all time for entrepreneurs. Jerry leaves his big-money agency position to go out and start his own shop. Just like any entrepreneur who leaves to start their own business, he suspects every client will leave with him. There is no easier way to start a business, right? This movie shows the real deal. Nothing ever goes as planned.

Guest article provided by:

Mike MichalowiczMIKE MICHALOWICZ (pronounced mi-KAL-o-wits) started his first business at the age of 24, moving his young family to the only safe place he could afford – a retirement building. With no experience, no contacts and no savings, he systematically bootstrapped a multi-million-dollar business. Then he did it again. And again. Now he is doing it for other entrepreneurs. Mike is the CEO of Provendus Group, a consulting firm that ignites explosive growth in companies that have plateaued; a former small-business columnist for The Wall Street Journal; MSNBC’s business makeover expert; a keynote speaker on entrepreneurship; and the author of the cult classic book The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. His newest book, The Pumpkin Plan, has already been called “the next E-Myth!” For more information, visit

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July 7th, 2014

Inflatable Movie ScreenThis 120-inch-diagonal air blown Inflatable Movie Screen is perfect for family movie nights and block parties because everyone can see it all on this big screen in your backyard! The giant outdoor movie screen can be set up and inflated in minutes, ready to show movies, TV shows, cartoons, sporting events or even video presentations. This inflatable movie screen is also great to use indoors or out for fund-raising events, festivals or prom parties, providing a drive-in movie experience everyone will enjoy.

You can even hook up your game console to your projector (not included) to play video games for “tremendous” fun! And since this outdoor movie screen is portable, you can take it along to your summer cottage or company picnic!

This awesome addition to your family life AND your business can be found at for about $250.

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July 7th, 2014

Cloud Free ReportIf you are considering cloud computing or Office 365 to save money and simplify IT, it is extremely important you get and read this special report, “5 Critical Facts Every Business Owner Must Know Before Moving Their Network To The Cloud.”

This report discusses in simple, non-technical terms the pros and cons of cloud computing, data security, how to choose a cloud provider, as well as 3 little-known facts most IT consultants don’t know or won’t tell you about cloud computing that could end up causing you MORE problems and costing you more money than you anticipated.

Even if you aren’t ready to move to the cloud yet, this report will give you the right information and questions to ask when the time comes.

Get Your Free Copy Today!

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July 7th, 2014

SocialMedia_Dec17_CFor many businesses, advertising on Facebook can be a big time and money suck. Even though Facebook is the #1 social media tool, it can be difficult to get a great ROI since you’re marketing to a wide range of prospects. The biggest problem is getting a qualified prospect to “Like” your company Facebook page so you can market to them…but who goes out and likes a potential vendor’s page? Nobody, that’s who! And if you market based on demographics, then you’re targeting a bunch of people who don’t know you on a platform where they’re not looking for your product or service in the first place. They are there for cat pictures and videos of their 2-year-old nephew. The answer that solves a big part of this dilemma…”Facebook Audiences.”

Facebook Audiences allows you to display your Facebook ads specifically to just about anyone that you have an e-mail address for, without them even knowing you are marketing to them this way. Plus, based on market testing, ads directed to a targeted “house list” instead of demographics – or interest-based lists cost about 75% less with 4x the results. Not too shabby.

So ask yourself…who do you have e-mail addresses for? Clients… Prospects… Membership lists from groups you belong to… E-mail opt-ins… You can segment your list in any way you want.

Have a list of clients or prospects who expressed interest in a product but never bought? Create an audience of just these people to remind them about the product with a special Facebook offer. The list segmentation is nearly endless.

Using Facebook Audiences, you upload your e-mail list to Facebook and they will match these e-mail addresses up to Facebook user accounts. Not everyone has a Facebook account, but based on our testing so far, somewhere between 35%-60% of your e-mail list should match up with Facebook.

To find out more about custom audiences and how to get started, simply Google “Facebook custom audiences” and you’ll find all of the “how to” you need.

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July 7th, 2014

lockers greenDo you have mountains of information stored on your server that you’ll never use, but feel like you should keep? You are not alone. Given expanding regulatory rules, some businesses save every bit of data they have, just to be safe.

You may be thinking, “What’s the big deal in keeping everything?” While it’s true offsite data storage costs have gone down by about 25% every year, the fact is keeping your data forever can create big management challenges and lead to retrieval headaches. Most often companies that save everything don’t do so because they think it’s the best way, but because they aren’t sure what needs to be saved.

Every organization needs to save data for its own purposes, such as transactions, accounting records and so on. Not only that, but industry regulations require companies to save certain kinds of content for a prescribed period.

So what should you be doing? Here are 4 data-retention strategies you must consider:

1. Start with the storage analysis, not the storage technology or procedures. Know what data has to be kept and for how long. Many times requirements are dictated by industry or legal requirements.

2. Segment user populations. Use categories such as executives, back-office employees, sales and people who deal with the company’s intellectual property and treat their data differently.

3. Be precise and consistent with data-retention policies.

4. Don’t confuse backup with archiving. Since backup systems don’t generally have the granular control needed to save some types of information for a short time and others for longer, using them as archival systems can be costly and risky.

We can assist you in identifying best practices and cost-effective software tools for your business. Contact us by July 31st at (408) 483-1881 to receive a FREE DATA STORAGE AUDIT.

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June 30th, 2014

Businesses of practically any size can benefit from VoIP phone systems. Whether you only have a few employees, but want the advantages of a professional phone system, or are scaling your business phone lines to accommodate hundreds of employees, VoIP is a professional and practical solution.

Let’s discuss some of the many benefits of VoIP for your business:

Easy Expansion with Your Business

With traditional phone systems, it can be a hassle to expand your phone system to accommodate dramatic business growth. Each time you add a new employee, you’ll need to reprogram an older phone extension or add a new one – an inconvenient and time consuming process. When you opt for a VoIP system, it becomes incredibly easy to scale your business phone system as necessary.

Access Business Lines Remotely Voip

If your employees frequently telecommute or work from home, a VoIP system matches your needs perfectly. Modern VoIP systems allow for easy mobile access — you simply install an application on the mobile phones you wish to use, and you can access the company’s VoIP system from the cell phone. When a caller dials your extension, it rings to your mobile phone instead of your office phone. VoIP phone systems make remote access to your phone , contacts, and voice mail easier than ever before.

If you need a VoIP system installed for your business, contact the professionals at Myers Network Solutions today. We’ll get you up and running with the system of your choice, quickly and easily.

Myers Network Solutions offers disaster recovery and computer network data backup services in San Jose. Contact us today for more information on our flat-rate IT and 24/7 support services

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June 29th, 2014

Before you call your managed It service provider in San Jose for online computer support, you need to know a few things about preparation so the process would go smoothly and uneventfully.

The first thing that you need to do is perform a backup of your computer’s system. Ideally, you should have a computer network data backup system in place that will ensure a complete backup of all your critical business applications and business data.

If yoComputer Supportu don’t have a good backup plan for your system chances are you will lose all your critical business data if it becomes necessary to wipe everything from your system and just start anew. If you don’t know how to perform a backup for your system,it is always better to hire  computer network data backup service provider to do the task for you.

Computer Support

Hiring a computer network data backup service provider in San Jose will ensure that you are saved from sudden downtimes and loss of data because it is the job of a data backup provider to be always prepared for any eventualities and unanticipated situations.

Myers Network Solutions offers disaster recovery and computer network data backup services in San Jose. Contact us today for more information on our flat-rate IT and 24/7 support services

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June 29th, 2014

Computer SupportIn today’s technology-based world, online computer support has become an essential method for fixing computers remotely. As technology advances, people have become tech savvy thus relying more on computers for completing tasks not only in offices but also at home. Computer problems or issues are unavoidable thus requiring immediate support. This is where computer support comes in especially in keeping your computer fully functional.

Computer Support

Common computer errors are usually taken care of using computer support and the process is easy as well as affordable. You only have to call on support providers, which offer their services at several pricing plans. You can choose which plan to avail depending on what your computer requirements are. You can either choose monthly plans or customized plans according to your needs and comfort.

More often, computer support is available to customers 24/7, where you can speak to expert technicians who are there to provide assistance in troubleshooting errors wherever you are. If you need to fix some problems on your computer, all you need to do is call them and will quickly attempt to fix computer errors with you. There is no need to worry about computer errors even if you’re at home anytime with computer support available all the time.

Myers Network Solutions offers computer network managed IT services in Bay Area. Contact us today for more information on our VoIP Phone Solutions and VoIP Services

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June 29th, 2014

It cannot be avoided that a business will collect critical information as it operates. This critical information is necessary to make sure business growth and progress. However, as the information accumulates, a business must also make sure that it performs regular data backup in San Jose.

Avoid Disaster with Data Backup in San Jose

Avoid Disaster with Data Backup in San Jose

What happens when there is network failure or shutdown?

There is a risk – a big possibility – that you’ll lose critical data. This data can only be restored if you have an efficient data backup in place. If you’re lucky during network shutdown, you’ll only lose some data or some data will only get corrupted.

But, what if you’re not lucky enough and everything in your hard drive is wiped out? Without data backup, you’re seriously in deep trouble. Critical data could include customer information, financial records and other pertinent business transactions.

If you’ll lose all these, your business would be lucky if it can run from scratch. Only about 10-20% of businesses that lost critical data survived after complete hard drive wipe out. And, about 40% filed bankruptcy a couple of years after.

Wouldn’t this prompt you to do data backup? It should – because your business relies on information and it cannot survive long with data loss.

Myers Network Solutions offers disaster recovery and computer network data backup services in San Jose. Contact us today for more information on our flat-rate IT and 24/7 support services

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