Shiny Gadget Of The Month: Kenyon City Grill

An Indoor, No-Hassle Cookout

As we draw close to the end of summer, many of us will be covering or stowing our grills in preparation for the cooler months. Others never had a grill in the first place, banned by their HOA or lease from ever doing any sort of grilling. Regardless of the reason, pretty much everyone bemoans a grill-free existence, even if it’s only for a few months.

Enter the Kenyon City Grill, a handy grill for those of us who need to stay inside to cook up a hot dog or hamburger. With some complicated engineering tricks, the grill can cook anything you throw at it with virtually no smoke, far exceeding the requirements of city fire codes and preventing you from getting smoked out of your kitchen. Its $475 price tag may seem a little steep, but consider the convenience of grilling right from your kitchen, all year long – even if you’re in an apartment! – and you can quickly see the benefits.