Bay Area Business Briefings

Bay Area Business Briefings

Read These Top Tips To Avoid Getting Hacked!

Everyone knows how damaging data breaches can be to a business, but few actually realize that 81% of these hacks are not the result of elaborate scams carried out by sophisticated hackers. They happen because of poor passwords.

Do what you can to prevent your business from being targeted. Demand that your employees create strong passwords: between 8 and10 characters in length, with letters, numbers and symbols scattered throughout. Instruct them to avoid real dictionary words and to steer clear of the boneheadedly obvious ones like "12345" or "password." You can test the strength of your password online at Microsoft’s Security and Safety Center. If you can, enabling two-factor authentication can go a long way toward your overall security.

Even if you use a secure password yourself, you’d likely be amazed (and terrified) to discover how many members of your team do not. In 2019, a strong password is essential. Make sure every one of your employees takes care to create one.


Easy Ways To Prevent Great Hires From Getting Away

Today’s labor market is tighter than it’s been in years. With this in mind, it’s essential that you do all you can to attract top talent. One of the best and simplest ways to do that is to improve your hiring process.

First, make sure the job description sounds like a true sales pitch. You should feature the benefits of working in that job above the preferred credentials. Once the applications start coming in, ensure you’re keeping in regular contact with your prospects. When it comes time for interviews, make the process as straightforward and comfortable as possible and cater to their scheduling needs. Finally, ask for feedback about your hiring process – checking into reviews on sites like Glassdoor can provide valuable insight., 2/1/2019