Bay Area Business Briefings

Bay Area Business Briefings

4 Things You Should Do RIGHT NOW To Protect Your User Account In Case It Gets Hacked

Last year, the top 15 hacks compromised more than 2.5 billion user accounts. You can safely assume that, even if you haven’t been notified, it’s likely your data is out there as well. So, get savvy and follow these simple tips.

1. Enlist in protection. In the wake of these high-profile breaches, many companies have extended free credit and identity monitoring as an olive branch to stave off lawsuits. Take advantage of it. Even if it’s not free, it might be worth investing in.

2. Close loose ends. Only make an account for sites you actually visit regularly. Use guest accounts whenever possible, and delete accounts you never use.

3. Use a password manager. Seriously, most people’s passwords are an absolute joke. A password manager allows you to use a different, powerful and unique password for every account you have while still being able to remember it.

4. Freeze your credit. If you have been notified of a breach and you’re worried, you can take drastic action and set up a credit freeze with each credit agency you work with. Alternatively, you can just set up a free fraud alert., 12/11/2018


Top Tips To Protect Your Business From Social Engineering Attacks

Every year, millions of attacks are successfully carried out against businesses just like yours. It’s important to know what you’re up against and how to protect yourself.

The most common social engineering tactic is phishing, often coupled with a strategy called pretexting. By gaining the trust of the victim, hackers are able to lure them into giving out sensitive personal information. Also be on the lookout for baiting, in which attackers offer free downloads, such as movies or e-books, and demand personal information from the victim. The best tools against phishing are online filters that automatically detect phishing scams, security programs, antivirus programs and education on best online practices. It should be obvious to your employees that giving out personal or company information is something they should never ever do outside of trusted sites that they can confirm are genuine., 2/28/2019