Work From Home Resources For Your Business

Work From Home Resources For Your Business

Remote control your work computer from home, with minimal setup. Our How To video is at .

Microsoft Teams
For those with a cloud office solution like Office365 or Intermedia, Teams is often included. This allows text/voice/video chat and to share screens just like Zoom, only your contacts already exist as it is connected to your Outlook email. You can also transfer files to one another using this solution.

Another popular solution for team collaboration and communication, and right now they are offering free extensions for people because of Covid-19

Forward Phones
You can forward your work phones to your own personal phones with a few button presses.

Does your work have a vpn solution? Perhaps your firewall supports vpn. Installing the vpn client may require extra licensing, or it may be already built in. This allows you to work from home securely.

Cloud File Sharing
Be careful about Dropbox and Onedrive. They are not well known for being secure. We offer a secure and trusted cloud file platform solution if you so need.

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