Bay Area Business Briefings

Bay Area Business Briefings

Is Your Data Secure?

In today’s culture, data security is more important than ever. It would be horrific for many if their personal information was compromised. Unfortunately, your data may not be anywhere near as secure as you might hope.

The Pegasus Project is an exposé that revealed that a piece of spyware can exploit a user’s Apple or Android devices to take control of the user’s device. A list of 50,000 victims was published that included government officials, business executives and royal family members – proving that nobody is safe.

Tech companies usually write extremely secure codes initially, but as new features roll out, holes are created in the defense that hackers can exploit. Pegasus proved that, in the software world, if an adversary is well-motivated, they will find a way in.

The key to staying protected from these breaches is depth. Multiple lines of defense are more protective, so don’t stop at one. Though one security tech may have plenty of gaps, another could fill those and strengthen your security.

New security technologies are continuing to advance the security field. There are plenty of actions you can take to ensure that your data remains secure.


Storytelling Is More Important Than Building A Presence Online

Social media has become an ever-important tool in the business world. It can help build customer loyalty while also being an essential marketing strategy. However, simply having an account is not enough.

In order to grow, you need to understand your customers and what motivates them. Provide them with an experience they won’t be able to obtain anywhere else. Be sure to do this while also making your social media content relevant. If your account does not focus on your products or services, it will prove useless.

Build connections with and focus on your customers. Without trying to approach a specific type of customer, your message can get lost. It can be difficult to attract all of your customers at once.

More important than the rest is to make your presence authentic and accessible. Keep the big picture in mind and don’t get lost in the weeds.