You’ve been HACKED! What’s the first thing you should do?

No matter how diligent you are about security, there’s always a chance you can get hacked. That’s why you need to put a plan in place NOW to protect yourself and your CLIENTS, so damage is minimized. But what should you do if you find out you’ve been hacked?

First, contact your IT department (us) IMMEDIATELY. The faster we can address the attack – and determine the extent of the data, applications, and machines compromised – the better your chances are of preventing much bigger problems.

Building Confidence As A Business Leader

How can you build your confidence as a CEO, investor or entrepreneur?

My colleagues and I at ghSMART see many talented people work hard to build their confidence.

New CEOs have imposter syndrome. Private equity investors who just raised another $1 billion in funds read newspaper headlines about the coming recession and quietly gulp.

A Special Message About Your Bay Area Network Security Scan

As a local business, we know you have your hands full right now – probably more than ever before. It should not be your job to think about the tech security on top of it all. (That’s a full time job alone!) We are here for you, and that’s why we want to give you a FREE Network Security Scan (value $197).

We also want to give you FREE labor to upgrade your firewall (value $1997) and FREE labor to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (value $497), but we can talk about that in person after your scan.

Improve Your Password Strategy

When in worldwide crisis like a pandemic or large-scale natural disasters, your passwords could mean the difference between spending your time re-learning how to grow your business and trying to recoup finances and private data that’s been hacked.

The Many Faces Of Corporate Leaders

Employees’ happiness at work is more important in the workforce than ever before, and that feeling of fulfillment and engagement often comes from the top. If you are aware of what type of leader you are and how your leadership affects employees and clients, you can mitigate your weaknesses and discover your strengths to ultimately lead more effectively.