4 Reasons CEOs Should Plan For Failure And Encourage Risk-Taking

Every successful company leader will tell you that failure is a part of business, but far fewer will admit they plan for failure. Growing a business requires taking risks, and failure is a frequent outcome on the journey to achieving success.

In their best-selling book Switch, co-authors and brothers Chip and Dan Heath describe how world-renowned design firm IDEO (perhaps best known for its work with Apple) plans for failure during its design process.

Best Practices For Safeguarding Your Email Addresses

Ones email is a passport to one’s personal and business life. We use our emails for communicating and getting in touch with family, friends and clients. But what can one do to ensure that their vital information isn’t hacked and put out there for the world to see?

Spam protection

When you use your email to register for certain sites online or have it publicly displayed then you find that spammers can get easy access to it and send you unnecessary mails that you don’t need to receive.