The RIGHT Way To Connect Remotely To Your Work PC Or Server

If you’re working from home or on the road and need to access a PC or server remote, do NOT use GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, or similar sites. To be safe, ONLY use a secure VPN (virtual private network) set up by your trusted IT company. (That’s us!)

The problem with these programs is that they are web-based applications running as web services and are therefore susceptible to the many security vulnerabilities of any web application.

Password Management Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

It probably seems like we talk about password security a lot. And you're not wrong! It's really that important, but it doesn't have to be a major headache.

In this video, we have a great table you can use to see how secure your password is. If it turns out you need to step up the security level, we have a couple tips on making security easy to live with.

Should Your Laptop Be Encrypted?

It's just another Tuesday on your way to work and you stopped by your favorite busy coffee shop to get your caffeine fix. You set your tablet down to add the cream and, when you turn back, your laptop is gone. It's nowhere is sight, nor is the thief who stole it.

Lie, Lie, Lie!

Social engineering is big business. What is it? Figuring out who you are and then using that information to make money off of it.

People list password challenge and identity verification publicly on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages and feeds without giving it a second thought.

What the heck in an AUP? and Why do you want it?

With so many access points, from cell phones to laptop and home computers, how can anyone hope to keep their network safe from hackers, viruses, and other unintentional security breaches? The answer is not "one thing" but a series of things you have to implement and constantly be vigilant about, such as installing and constantly updating your firewall, antivirus, spam-filtering software, and backups.