Bay Area Business Briefings

Netflix Reveals The Formula That Led To Its Success
For the past 20 years, Netflix has steadily taken over the home entertainment industry. It went from a struggling DVD-to-home mailing company to an entertainment powerhouse that produces its own big-budget shows and movies in addition to its large library of third-party releases.

Bay Area Business Briefings

Is Your Data Secure?
In today’s culture, data security is more important than ever. It would be horrific for many if their personal information was compromised. Unfortunately, your data may not be anywhere near as secure as you might hope.

The Pegasus Project is an exposé that revealed that a piece of spyware can exploit a user’s Apple or Android devices to take control of the user’s device.

Bay Area Business Briefings

2 Things Every Customercentric Brand Needs
When you’re building a new brand from the ground up or rebranding, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about the customer. How can my brand connect with customers? Not every business puts thought into their customer experience, nor do they strive to connect with the customer outside of the sale, but for a brand to be successful, that connection is a must.

Bay Area Small Business Briefings

Leverage Good Intel To Beat The Competition
There is a lot of information floating around about your competitors – you just have to find it. When you do, you can give yourself an edge as you put together your own marketing campaigns.

For example, the founder and CEO of Wagmo, Christie Horvath, went as far as contacting and sitting down with a few former employees of her competitors.