Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

(And Santa Clause May Not Exist)
When we were kids, we thought we could write down a list of everything we wanted and mail it to the North Pole. When we grew up, we realized there wasn’t really a big roly-poly guy who delivered presents. A real person had to earn the money, march through shopping malls, wrestle the presents home, wrap them up, and place them under the tree.

Believe You Can Be Extraordinary

I left my home some 7,000 miles away with little money in my pocket. I was eager – and just 17.

My father died when I was six, and I came to America for college with the words of my mother still ringing in my ears: "If you want to be a great person, you have to walk side by side, hand in hand, with great people.

The Misnomer Of Failure

So you think you’re a failure, huh? Let me get one thing off my virtual chest right now: you’re not. I realize you may be experiencing failure. You may have had a string of failures. You may have been told you are a failure. But it doesn’t mean that’s who you are.

Solve It By Sundown

The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. This worldwide broadcasting system can disseminate information without regard to geographic locations at the speed of a "click," and therein lies a BIG PROBLEM.

The speed of a "click" has now conditioned us to how fast we expect things.

Smart Closing Technique, Step 2

Let’s say you’re closing a deal and you’ve already taken the first step: you’ve summarized the client’s underlying need…

Now you’re ready for Step 2: Say what you plan to do.

Describe exactly what you’ll do to help the client successfully satisfy their underlying need.

Accomplish More By Doing Less

As I've considered what some of today's greatest achievers - Richard Branson, Maria Shriver, Arnold Palmer, Tony Hawk, John Wooden and Colin Powell, among many others - have accomplished in their lifetimes, I've thought about why many of the rest of us work harder and put in longer hours without achieving the same big results.