Hassle-Free Sync Cloud File Sharing

MyersSync is the most advanced file-based cloud-synchronisation platform for Bay Area businesses.

The cloud file sync system gives you access to files, folders, and shared content across all of your devices. Using this file sync system, you can collaborate with other people securely inside and outside of your organization.

Benefits of MyersSync by Myers Network Solutions:

  • Designed exclusively for Bay Area businesses
  • Easily access and share your files from anywhere, including mobile devices
  • Easy to use - Windows, Mac/OSX, Android, iOS
  • Integrated, automatic Server File Sharing
  • Eliminate VPN's and FTP servers
  • Hosted and supported in America with data stored only in America
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 448-bit blowfish encryption at rest, on remote devices and in transit
  • Unlimited guest accounts Complies with new American privacy laws
  • No file editing conflicts with other users
  • File version control
  • Easily restore deleted files > 30 days or more
  • Single-Sign-On with continuous Active Directory connections
  • Continuous backup option for laptops and remote computers
  • Full audit and security logs
  • Enforce your own security policies and control your own security
  • Wipe data on remote devices
  • Outlook integration