Protecting Your Business From Data Disasters

Data is everything to a small business in this day and age – which means if you lose access or control of your data, you lose everything.

As dramatic as that might sound, the data backs that up. According to several sources, 93% of companies, no matter how big they are, are out of business within one year if they suffer a major data disaster without having first formulated a strategy for combating it.

How Co-Managed IT Could Save Your Company From Financial Disaster

When you consider the investments in your business that you can make as a CEO, you probably think to yourself, “Which investments will give my company the best ROI?” With that in mind, would you think of making a significant investment in bolstering your IT department?

Many CEOs are understandably hesitant to throw a lot of money into their IT department because the ROI is more difficult to estimate.

Shiny Gadget Of The Month: See The World A Little Closer

With StarScope
There’s something magical about having the ability to bring the world a little closer to you. But the StarScope Monocular isn’t magic – it’s all science! The StarScope is a compact monocular featuring 10X magnification that can deliver high-quality optics directly to your eye or your smartphone! The StarScope can be attached to virtually any smartphone camera to improve the zoom function, giving you stellar photos.