Don’t Give Up On You

As you venture through your business and personal life, you’ll have people tell you “no” or that your ideas aren’t good enough. But remember: you know your goals, dreams and aspirations better than anyone else, so why would you let their opinions have an impact on your vision? I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today if I had listened to all of the naysayers and critics.

A Personal Message From Brad & Victoria

As the New Year starts, we are happy to announce that Victoria and I will be entering our next stage of life... retirement!
Our IT services business started almost 20 years ago, and over that span of time, we primarily grew initially through client referrals and working with professional associations.

Bay Area Business Briefings

Netflix Reveals The Formula That Led To Its Success
For the past 20 years, Netflix has steadily taken over the home entertainment industry. It went from a struggling DVD-to-home mailing company to an entertainment powerhouse that produces its own big-budget shows and movies in addition to its large library of third-party releases.

When To Cut People From Your Team

Not long ago, I had a subscriber reach out to me with a challenging question. This person’s business had made many changes due to COVID-19 and the economy. They wondered when they should begin cutting people from their team. To explain my views on the matter, I like to turn to a story from the Bible.

Don’t Let Hackers Ruin Your Holidays

Online shopping has become more popular than ever before. In 2020, more than 2 billion people bought products or services online. Whether they’re shopping online because it’s more convenient or they’re avoiding going to brick-and-mortar retailers during the ongoing pandemic, more people are turning to online retailers every day.

Bay Area Business Briefings

Is Your Data Secure?
In today’s culture, data security is more important than ever. It would be horrific for many if their personal information was compromised. Unfortunately, your data may not be anywhere near as secure as you might hope.

The Pegasus Project is an exposé that revealed that a piece of spyware can exploit a user’s Apple or Android devices to take control of the user’s device.

Hiring The Best Staff

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Carter Cast, the author behind The Right – And Wrong – Stuff: How Brilliant Careers Are Made And Unmade. Hiring success has a great influence on career success, and we discussed five negative archetypes that confront employers while filling a job opening.