Use data analytics to manage backups

The amount of data that the average business manages is unprecedented. And with that shift comes an unavoidable challenge: Deciding which files and records are most important to business continuity. However, with a little creative thinking and implementation, you can ensure the security of your most critical data.

Backup Your Mobile Devices Now

Smartphones have become so advanced that there’s virtually no business task they can’t handle. Now everyone uses mobile devices to access work documents and, naturally, hackers got the memo. There are thousands of threats targeted towards mobile devices, so you’d be well served backing up the files in your mobile device, now.

Ignore these outdated disaster recovery myths

With advancements in cloud computing, disaster recovery (DR) has become more efficient and affordable than ever. But many business owners still cling to DR myths that can safely be ignored. If you’re uncertain as to how DR has changed and are ready for an update, here are some myths that you ought to ignore.

How to avoid your own Delta IT disaster

Earlier this year, thousands of Delta passengers worldwide were grounded due to a power outage that halted critical IT operations. This was a huge problem not only for the many delayed travelers, but also for the airline company itself. Within three days, the airline company cancelled around 2300 flights and paid over millions of dollars […]

Disciplined Approach on Disaster Recovery for Companies in Bay Area

From hacking and natural calamities to power outages and network system failure, some disasters can make or break your company. Many small and medium sized businesses are never able to get over a setback from data loss due to a disaster.

That is why the need for hiring computer network data backup and disaster recovery solutions in Bay Area arise.

Mitigating the Risks through Disaster Recovery Planning in Bay Area

Preventing disaster from happening is almost next to impossible even if you plan ahead of time. However, you can significantly mitigate the risks through disaster recovery planning.

There are four key issues that you must include in the disaster recovery plan including:

1. Saving data

2. Systems recovery

3. Keeping the work force intact and fully functional

4. Constant connectivity

As business owner, it is important that you identify the growing threats that will interrupt the function of your business and will eventually affect the productivity of your business.